Body Capture (2016)

Poster design by Cliff Hammett
Poster design by Cliff Hammett

Join Autonomous Tech Fetish for the start of our hands-on investigation of how our bodies are captured in data as we try to re-make ‘the body of biometrics’.

Our bodies are measured everyday in a surprising number of ways. From facial recognition to pulse monitoring, combined with the power of large-scale datasets – these techniques give governments and businesses new ways to steer our behaviour. Such methods are used for public health interventions and service design, but also for border control, welfare, and education monitoring.

But can we use these technologies to explore our own pressing concerns and those of our communities? To experiment with counter-interventions in health and care practices or forms of ‘sousveillance’? We don’t know, but please join us to start finding out!

With many materials at hand, including heart monitors, skin conductivity sensors, cameras, card, glue, and string, we’ll explore the ways the body is captured in data by making ‘gargantuan bio bodies’, ‘sweat maps of feelings’, and more besides! No prior knowledge required. Just bring yourself, an open mind and of course your body!

Developed in collaboration with Fossbox and supported by the Life Sciences Initiative, Queen Mary University of London. You can RSVP to Refreshments will be provided. Kids are welcome to join the making. We also have a fund to cover some transport or childcare costs for this workshop if required – please email for details. The space is wheelchair accessible, but the toilet unfortunately isn’t yet. More detailed accessibility info is available on request.

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