Travelling Tea Lab


A part of Data Buffet: All You Can Input (2016) is a collaborative exhibition projects by Alexandra Jonsson, Cliff Hammett and Autonomous Tech Fetish commissioned by the Museum of Contemporary Commodities, Exeter.

What happens if our data is given back to us as something we can taste and digest?
Cuppa Data is an traveling tea lab that creates new culinary tea-blends based on sensor data captured with our “ultra-precise” galvanic skin response glove. This measures the conductivity of sweaty skin which is believed to give indications of people’s emotions. For the Data Buffet, three unique teas have been composed using data from a host of people who have lent their bodies to the making of this artwork. Cuppa Data presents to us, in a cup of tea, the caffeination, the sourness, spice or mildness of the data-captured body.

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