Data Buffet: All You Can Input

Poster design by Larisa Blazic
Poster design by Larisa Blazic

Data Buffet: All You Can Input (2016) is a collaborative exhibition projects by Alexandra Jonsson, Cliff Hammett and Autonomous Tech Fetish commissioned by the Museum of Contemporary Commodities, Exeter.

The Data Buffet serves a range of contraptions including data-drinking teacups, sweat-driven tea compositions,  footstep-enabled recipe algorithms, and milk-bottle wearables all  produced using locally sourced raw data, and reclaimed leftover materials generated by everyday activities in Exeter cafés and eateries.  By reclaiming data from unlikely sources such as the bin, sweaty palms,  tea-serving footsteps, and grazing cows, the project explores the new forms of political value and function data introduces into our everyday lives.

This project produced with the support of Exeter Library Cafe, St Sidwells Community Centre, Caramello Gelato, The Glorious Art House Cafe, The Plant Cafe, Fossbox, The Common House, Woodlands Farm Trust, Job Decentre (The Field, London), Kilburn Unemployed Workers Group, and the many friends and comrades who gave advice and support.


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