Day 23113


41 Memories Recorded in Leather (2013), Jonsson, Alexandra, leather gloves

Performance | 11th November 2013 | Silent Cacophony | Ilford Essex
In collaboration with Townswomen Guild Women, Dagenham, and photographer Katie Bracher, commissioned by Platform7 war and conflict performance network Silent Cacophony, London (2013).

23113 days after the bombing of the Super Cinema in Ilford Essex  (1945) memories of the war was reconnected to the bombsite through a 60min long performance. During the performance, the artists passed on the number of silences recorded between the words of spoken testimonies as told by local women who survived it as children in London. Anyone who passed the site of the Ilford Super Cinema, today a busy shopping center, received a memory through a double handshake by the artists.

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