PhD Research

The PhD project Body Politics of Data is a practice-based study exploring how feminist artistic practice can create new ways to conceptualise digital embodiment within the field of art and technology. As a field of practice highly influenced by scientific and technical methodologies the capability of the artistic languages in art and technology to explore perspectives of lived experience are limited. The research draw on methods from feminist and socially engaged artistic practices to create a critical and reflective space for examining how processes of digitalisation affect individuals or groups of people adversely and raise new questions about how data technologies create new forms of personal and collective risk. By taking an ecological approach to data, I examine how both the technical, administrative, material, and labour ecologies are pertinent to how the digital is experienced, as such must be drawn into the way digital matter is conceptualised.

Projects created during the PhD research was exhibited in the show The Body Politics of Data, featuring live projects such as Data Buffet: All you can Input (2016) with Cliff Hammett and autonomous Tech Fetish, The National Savings Catalogue (2017),and Data Collage created with Loes Bogers, as well as Life Drawing the Attention Theft,  and Accumulative Care. The PhD was funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC) and supervised by Margherita Sprio and Tom Corby.

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