Wearable Cow Aggregates


A part of Data Buffet: All You Can Input (2016) is a collaborative exhibition projects by Alexandra Jonsson, Cliff Hammett and Autonomous Tech Fetish commissioned by the Museum of Contemporary Commodities, Exeter.

Boiling data down to the basics, the Wearable Cow Aggregates explores a new form of necro-political wearables. For cattle and humans alike, wearable data technologies are forefronting ‘precision feeding systems’ and ‘dieting regimes’ to enhance the production of docile and marketable bodies.


The Wearable Cow Aggregates proposes the opposite. By amplifying the body’s natural talents for nonsensical space-taking capacities, the work propose to decompose and recompose statistical data as a site of experience. The wearables are a part of an experiment to collect the value of a dairy cow’s life in empty milk bottles. In the dairy industry the life of a dairy cow is defined by the amount of milk she produces, which is on average 24 litres a day or 51,840 litres in the 6 years before she retires and becomes low quality beef.

For the Data Buffet we invite you to strap-on and experience these sculptures, and help explore the meaning of the overtly expressive, technically useless but experientially intriguing wearables.

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